Dear Visitor,

As a board-certified Periodontist, I specialize in treatment of periodontal disease and placement of dental implants. In my full time specialty practice you’ll find:

1. A comfortable environment with minimal wait times.
2. Proven, modern equipment that will assist me during your treatment.

These include high powered dental microscopes, a digital 3D Cone beam scanner, Ultrasonic and laser surgery, and ultra low-dose digital x-rays.

3. And most importantly: A warm, caring staff that will help make your experience pleasant.

If you were referred by your general dentist, or are looking for an unbiased second opinion, I look forward to meeting you and hope to meet and exceed your expectations.


Michael Zidile, D.D.S.
Board Certified Periodontist

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Dr. Zidile was interviewed for Thrive, a New York Methodist Hospital Health Magazine.



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In 2009, Dr. Zidile was interviewed for a New York Times article about Dental Implants, and it’s impact on Dental health.


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Meet Olivia, our Registered Dental Hygienist

Olivia is a dental hygienist who is passionate about her craft. She has been working with Dr. Zidile since 2011 and they make a great team.  She is well known for her thorough, yet gentle, cleanings and hearty laugh. She has many options for making your appointments comfortable and pain free.  She has been practicing dental hygiene since 2008 when she graduated from Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland, Ohio. She has experience in periodontics, pediatrics, orthodontics and general dentistry. She enjoys educating patients on the best ways to prevent periodontal issues. In her time off you can find Olivia scuba diving, biking, entertaining, traveling and doing volunteer work.  She looks forward to greeting you!

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Introduction to the practice

What is a 3D Dental scan?